Thursday, March 31, 2011

HPUX Oracle and Itanium

The announcement by Oracle last week that it will stop developing software for the Itanium processor will affect users of Oracle on HPUX Integrity servers. No surprise then that we see the following blog post - Oracle is abandoning HP-UX customers…Fight back! from Ed Boyajian the CEO of EnterpriseDB suggesting that users should consider migrating to their version of PostgreSQL, even though as he admits PostgreSQL has not supported the HP-UX platform very well, but that is now going to change.

For those who are curious, Firebird V2.5 builds just fine on Itanium HPUX (IA-64). See prefix.hpux_aCC and prefix.hpux_ia64 in the builds/posix directory. The only issue we have in providing such builds, is access to the relevant hardware/operating system to do a build, and bringing upto date the HPUX installer.

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