Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dell Latitude D800

I have an "oldish" laptop, a Dell Latitude D800 to be precise which I have had for a few years. I use it when on the road, and my wife uses it at home. Recently I have had problems turning it on. This morning it refused to start compeletely, some extensive googling for a possible solution, turned up this nugget of information posted by PaxRiverWino on TechRepublic.

I have copied the information below - just in case it ever goes missing.

THIS FIXES IT. Dell Latitude 800 no power, no light, does not boot

Take out the battery and unplug from the AC adapter. Open your computer so you are facing the screen. There is a grey strip behind the keyboard that is about 1 inch on the left and a half inch on the right. It will say LATITUDE|D800 on it. Pry it open on both ends. On the right you will see a plug in device. Remove it from being seated and then reseat it. Replace the strip. I'll bet you that is all it takes.

PaxRiverWino - too right - This did indeed fix it!