Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thats both a cooker and a maker of them. Follow this link.

I bought a Stoves 700DFD0 cooker, gas hob, grill, double oven in December 2003, and paid quite a chunk of money for it. seven years on, I would like my money back. Never will I purchase anything from Stoves again.

The top oven/grill of my Stoves freestanding double oven has now broken down / stopped working for the third time in four years, each time the same problem and the replacement of the same part, the thermostat. On previous occasions we have a, got a repair company to fix it, b ordered the part ourself, and got a friend to fix it, and finally this time after it failed after nine monthes we got our electrician/repair man, who is a good friend, to speak directly to them and try and find what was going on. It seems that this part has now been replaced by a new design, not because it keeps breaking down, just because ...it has.

So we ordered the new part directly from Stoves and he came round to repair the cooker. The new part we had been sent is also faulty. As is the replacement part (new thermostat) for the main oven (which currently has the endearing, if somewhat dangerous habit, of turning itself on when it feels like it).

Other issues, besides the fact it breaks down on a regular basis. The stainless steel hob gets stained by any burnt food and is uncleanable. Gas Burners which don't sit properly and hence won't light. Wire cooking racks which no longer fit into their supports. An oven temperature 20 degrees higher than it should be AFTER allowing for the fan and which is hotter at the back than the front.

So if you want a new cooker, think hard about buying a "Stoves".