Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Editline, Curses and Solaris AMD64

We finally solved the last major problem in the Firebird 2.0x build for Solaris 10 AMD 64bit. Whenever we tried to include editline in the build isql_static would coredump. We tracked the problem down to the following:

Seems there is a problem in the Solaris' native implementation of libcurses, the function tgetstr() returns a bad pointer (non-NULL, but out of the process space). This means that until Sun fix it we can't use libcurses to link with editline on Solaris 64bit AMD.

So we came up with a solution...
We downloaded and built ncurses... (5.5) then copied libncurses.a to gen/firebird/lib along with the normal editline.a
Then adjusted make.defaults to remove references to -lcurses for LINK_LIBS and STATICLINK_LIBS and added -lncurses.

We now have a succesful build that seems to work properly. I hope to put the 64bit Solaris AMD builds up in the firebird prerelease area for testing purposes, then commit the changes made to the code base. Then wen 2.04 is ready to be released will create proper versions for full release.

Hope that somebody out there finds this useful, or at least the builds anyway.

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