Wednesday, January 9, 2008

depot Files and HP-UX

I have just finished writing a depot install for Firebird Classic 2.0x on HPUX . A depot install is the HP equivalent of a Linux rpm or Solaris package. The operating system install uninstall utilities take command of looking after the files. Although in more complex areas you still have to have the relevant postinstall and postremove scripts to handle things like links etc.
To allow a user other than root to use SD-UX you need to give yourself access to it e.g.
swacl -m user:pbeach:crwit -l host
To create a depot install you need to write a .psf file (the Firebird specific one will be found in builds/install/arch-specific/hpux/classic/firebirdCS.psf), you then

test it using:
swpackage -vv -p ./firebirdCS.psf

create it using:
swpackage -d "| gzip -c > /firebird2/gen/firebird.depot.gz" -x media_type=tape -vv -s firebirdCS.psf

install it using:
swinstall -s /firebird.depot.gz

list installed packages using

remove it using
swremove Firebird

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Unknown said...

Hello, I am trying to install firebird on HP-UX using your depot files. I got the following error when trying to start isql (or other tools):

/usr/lib/pa_20_64/ unable to find library ''

I suspect it has something to do with GCC, have you re work on your depot file since 2008 ? Any suggestions ?

Thank you very much.

Antoine (